Advice about model casting and successful model career

Not only because of various TV shows, one could recently get the impression that there is an ongoing hype around models. More and more young women state model as their dream job yet there are even a lot of young men who also want to work as a model. Basically, the picture of models has changed and extended somewhat over the past years. A few years ago, only young women between the ages of 15 and 25 were usually regarded as models. Today, however, models are being searched in every age group and from both genders. Some examples include child models, models for large-sized clothing and some agencies even search for people who do not just look regular. Therefore the model market has become much more diverse, becoming more and more attractive for some people.

Generally speaking there are many more aspects making it attractive. For some applicants it is definitely important that you can make a lot of money and become famous at the same time. There are, however, many people who want to be a part-time model to make some money on the side. In that case, it is almost always about castings though, conducted by regional agencies. When it comes to international model casting though, mainly models are being searched who want to work full-time. As there are more and more people interested in a model career, the chances to successfully take part in a model casting have surely become less good over the past years. There are simply too many applicants for every job that is being offered by the agencies. Moreover, agencies have become much more selective about people actually getting into their list of contacts.

People who want to have a successful international model career have to meet a lof of requirements. As the job description of models is getting more and more diverse, it is not unusual that a training in different areas is a valuable asset, e.g. in areas such as cosmetics, music, dancing or acting. Even though it does not have to be a real training in the sense of a professional training, some knowledge is definitely an advantage when it comes to an international model career. Therefore it is not uncommon that there are high costs involved up front. Money is not only being paid for courses and further education but at the start of a career also for high-quality photos or different travels to make some contacts and / or take part in castings.