Using international model files of model agencies

No matter what type of model is in question, whether it is about boys, girls, women or men: for an international model career, it is almost without exception necessary to be part of a model file put together by some agency. There are only very few models who have managed to start a successful career without being included in some file first. Therefore, it is the first task of every aspiring model to make sure that he or she is being part of such a file. The more files one is included in, the better the chances are to be booked for a job. In general, there are three different ways to become part of a model file. Firstly, it is possible to be discovered by chance by a model scout who might arrange a first tryout shooting. If these photos are somewhat promising, the model is quite often included in the agency's file.

Another alternative is to show initiative and to introduce oneself at a model agency. It may be on one's own initiative or by taking part in a model casting that a lot of agencies organise on a regular basis. There is one remaining alternative to become part of a file which is by word of mouth, e.g. a recommendation by another model who is already part of the agency's file. Moreover, more and more model agencies offer an application form on their website. Sending an online application is the first step before a pre-selection process takes place. If the agency is interested in some of the models, they will usually be invited to a shooting and they have a good chance of becoming part of the file. The model file is even more important as both agencies and employers look into the file on a regular basis.

Agencies are always looking at the file when one of their clients has a new job. In this case, the client puts together a list with some prerequisites, e.g. the type of model needed for the job and what the necessary characteristics are. The agency will then have a look into their file to finde the models fitting in with these prerequisites. In a similar way, the employer may decide to make a pre-selection first. In this case, the client looks into the file himself to have a look for the models needed. Looking at the costs for becoming part of a model file, there are some important differences between agencies. Some agencies do not charge a fee for including a model in their file, other agencies charge a one-time fee. Another common alternative is an annual fee to have all the relevant data included in the file.