Starting a model career for girls at an early age

Even though male models are in demand more often than in the past, women are still the majority of all models. It is not uncommon for women to start modelling early, sometimes even at a very early age when they are still little children. Especially for female models who are teenagers, the line between girls and women is blurry. Therefore, there is basically no defined age until which models are defined as girls and after which they are defined as young women. In general, however, clients are looking for models up to 14 years old when they are searching for a girl. After this age, there is still the category of teenagers or young adults. In most cases, women are meant when the model is not supposed to be underaged.

If you define girl models like this, girls are not supposed to be the face for many products, e.g. in the cosmetics business. For these purposes, it is rather teenagers or young women who are in demand. There are, however, some industries who have a need for girls as models. One important example is the clothing industry as there are clothes for all ages, ranging from 1 to 99 years. While girls as models are underaged by definition, the parents obviously play an important role when it comes to encouraging the career and the business in general. More often than not, parents pay for travel expenses to shootings or castings which is especially important when the goal is an international career.

When it comes to the type of the models in demand, there are many clients with even more ideas about the look of these girls. Some employers are searching for child-like model types while others are searching for girls who look a bit older. To get a job, the process for girls is basically identical to the process for women who are working as models. In practice, that means that girls, too, have to introduce themselves at various agencies to get into their respective files. With a bit of luck, the first job comes after a certain amount of time so that the model can be in front of the camera for the first time.