Compare international and renowned model

Top models especially but the largest part of all models who want to work internationally in general get their jobs through agencies. These agencies send their models to different jobs and have some sort of management task. In their everyday work, agencies both actively search for model jobs while there are also advertisement customers who are looking for one or more models for their ad campaigns. As the agencies keep a large file, there is a high probability that customers will find the model they are searching for. Therefore, it is vitally important for every model to have at least one agency while it is usual for international models to be filed at many agencies at the same time.

Finding a model agency is best be done over the internet or sometimes through contacts one has with other models or to the model business in general. Through the agency website it is usually possible to fill in an application form, mostly including some pictures as well. An agency's good reputation is extremely important as the larger advertisement customers who are able to operate on a rather large budget usually work with big and well-known agencies. In general, marketing chances through a good agency are definitely much better than models who try to find jobs on their own. After one has become part of the agency's file, the next step is very important which is a comp card. The comp card is something like a model's business card and is sent by the agency to various customers.

Especially when it comes to international model castings, comp cards are the most important thing if the model is not known enough for the customer to know her already anyway. Companies willing to book a big name such as Claudia Schiffer as model usually do not want to see a comp card first to learn about her qualities. An important factor that is related to using an agency are the respective costs as the agencies want to earn money if they organise jobs for their models. There are two different alternatives to pay for agencies in international model castings, an annual or a one-time fee. An annual fee is a certain sum of money that is paid by the model every year to be included in the agency's file. Alternatively, a one-time fee can be paid. For a job, the agency then gets the money from the customer and the model receives the payment for the respective job.