Opportunities for model bookings of sibling models

Most of the time, young or slightly older women and men are in demand for a job, e.g. when it comes to a campaign for a specific product or to photos for a catalogue. There are, however, jobs that require a certain type of model because it can be an advantage for a certain campaign. For example, sometimes siblings are in demand for such a campaign. It is not uncommon that it is even twins who are to be booked for such a job. In general, there are relatively few siblings who are working as models on a similar level. Among top models, there are no siblings at all who are well-known internationally. For those models who can work as siblings, it may well be an advantage in case that demand is higher than the actual supply.

Apart from the fact that the two models are siblings, the other preconditions around the job are not different at all than for all other models. Differences may occur if the siblings are identical twins though. When you disregard twins, however, siblings as models in a package do not have a great advantage compared to regular models. If there are few similarities or none at all so that it is hard to tell whether two models are siblings, there is no advantage for the employer compared to booking two models who do not know each other or who are not related. Therefore, many sibling models (apart from twins) are also working independently from each other.

One advantage of siblings as models does come into play quite often though. They can support each other, even though they may vary rarely or never be booked together for a specific job. One of the siblings may be much more understanding if the other sibling is working as a model as well. Both can support each other and maybe even take care of one's brother or sister, getting the other sibling to take part in an open casting or a shooting he or she would not have known about otherwise. One distinctive part of siblings as models that has already been mentioned are twins as they are booked together quite often for a job. For twins, other advantages also apply, both for the respective employer and for the twin models themselves.