Model booking and model agencies for twins

In today's model business there are very different types needed, especially when they will be the face of unique advertising campaign and employers sometimes feel the need for something very special. Very much in demand as they are rather rare are twins as models. Twins have some advantages, e.g. their flexibility is usually higher than is the case for single persons working as models. Twins can appear both at the same time in case that twins are necessary for a campaign for some reason. Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the fact that twin models can replace themselves quite easily. It can save the employer a lot of money in certain circumstances. While a single omdel works ten hours a day before taking a break until the next day, a twin can continue to work after the ten hours to enable a shooting without interruption.

That way, a shooting abroad can be much easier and may only take half as long as otherwise. Therefore, twin models have some advantages. These advantages are mirrored in the salaries as the demand for twins is usually higher than the supply. Models can command comparatively good salaries, even for smaller jobs. Usually, twins are much higher in demand the more similar they look. Only if they are almost identical, replacing one with the other is possible. On the other hand, there are some campaigns for which twins are being searched who look similar enough yet not too similar as people should be able to tell the difference.

The problem for employers is to find twins who can work as models on the respective job. Even though there are many twins worldwide but in most cases only one of the twins wants to become a model while the other twin works in a different job. Moreover, one has to differentiate between modelling as a full-time occupation and part-time models. Overall, twin models are relatively rare, especially in the area of international careers. In general, it is important for the twins to get along well with each other. There will be some model jobs in which the twins cannot work together as the employer has to decide for one model because the model is interesting as a unique type and a twin package is not even in question.