Applying to model agencies with a professional comp card

In a way, comp cards can be compared to application documents that are used by employees to apply to a potential new employer. Therefore, comp cards are very important for a model who wants to have a chance to get one of the sought-after jobs in as many projects as possible. The files of model agencies are usually organised by these comp cards. If a client searches for a model for a specific project while having an idea about his or her ideal look and other features, the agencies will go through the comp cards of their models on file to find the perfect fit. In general, the comp card is a short biography and includes the most important data about the model as well as one or more photos.

Yet comp cards are not only used for the internal organisation of model agencies. It is quite common that clients are looking for models in the agency's file themselves. In this case, the client goes through the various comp cards, making it extremely important that the comp card gives a very good first impression. One distinctive feature is that the photos included in the comp card should be showing very different situations to underline the model's versatility and to improve the chances to compete for very different jobs. For models working internationally, the comp card loses its importance during the course of a career though. Quite often, clients already have a certain model in mind, e.g. Heidi Klum, and they do not have to look at the comp card of a model that is already globally known. At the beginning of the career, however, the comp card is vitally important.

In practice, most employers will make a pre-selection based on the comp cards of various models. Such a pre-selection does not mean that the employer will actually leaf through a file though. In the age of the internet, most comp cards are available online, including all the relevant information and the various photos. The biggest advantage is that employers and, more importantly, agencies can search for models directly, using certain search criteria. If the employer searches for a model with blonde hair who is not older than 20 years and has a certain height, it will not be necessary to have a look at all comp cards on file as it used to be some years ago. Rather, the models fulfilling the criteria can be pre-selected using a computer.