Using international model contests to be discovered

Apart from the application with a model agency which is the requirement to get jobs in the future, there are other way to get a model job or to become part of an agency's file. One of these ways is to take part in so-called contests or model contests. Such a contest is practically a competition in which models can take part and present themselves. These competitions are often organised by different companies throughout the year. If a company searches for a certain type of model or various models for a new campaign, it might be that there is no agency asked to find the fitting model as the company wants to have a broader selection. In cased like this, organising a contest is usually the perfect idea.

As a model, one should definitely take part in a contest when time allows it. For example, it is a large advantage that the organiser might recognise one while the agency might have presented other models to the customer as they would have been better suited for the job from the agency's point of view. With a contest, one has the advantage to give a presentation directly for the customer without going through the pre-selection done by the agency which usually gives only a handful of models to the customer. Moreover, if the customer specifically requires young and ‘fresh‘ models who have not been discovered and are not yet part of any agency's file, a contest will usually be organised.

Different contests are being held in almost every large city in Germany as well as in many foreign cities and are usually announced in advance. Therefore, there is always the chance to factor in that come could be part of a contest. Quite often models can also ask their agencies about dates for upcoming contests. Furthermore, the internet is being used more and more to promote upcoming model contests. Even the event itself is usually organised over the internet. That way, models have the chance to introduce themselves to potential clients based quite far away. Applicants do not have to fear travel costs, a fact that is definitely very important at the start of a career. Almost always, winners of a contest will get a prize. It may be a job, a contract with a company or something else entirely, e.g. a car.