Using international model castings as career ladder

A job as a models is very versatile and different employers quite often search for very different personalities. Basically, modeling is a dream job for many young women yet on the other side it does include a lot of hard work, especially when you want to reach your goals as a model and start an international career. Only a selected few of all models actually do gain international recognition, getting jobs from employers based in different countries. An international model career is only possible when modeling is done as a full-time occupation rather than a part-time job. One feature that is definitely part of the model business is travelling. It is rather common for a model to spend three days in Paris, then four days in the U.S. and finally two more days in Japan.

People who want to work as an international model should definitely like to travel while they should not be tied down to their homes. However, even when you want to work internationally as a model, in the early stages of a career most jobs will be in Germany. Most of the time, one has to be a bit lucky to get the first chance to take part in an international casting or to be booked directly by an employer based abroad. One advantage for models working internationally is that the respective jobs are very diverse while the employers are, on average, bigger and better known compared to working on a national level only. For any model, that means more glamour and, more importantly, much higher salaries.

While working internationally as a model has some advantages, one should also look at the potential disadvantages before deciding to start working on an international career. One disadvantage is the bigger competition as employers obviously have a larger choice, getting to see models from all countries rather than searching on a national level only. Moreover, the costs up-front are higher for the model, mostly because of the bigger distances that have to be covered, causing higher costs for travelling and hotels. The financial risk is higher than for models working on a national level only, mostly because one is quite often travelling to a casting abroad while not being sure whether it is possible to even get the job.