Test shootings at model photographers and model agencies

Many young men and women would like to start a career as a model. More often than not, however, there is much work and a lot of time needed until one finally gets the first model job. In the beginning, the biggest problem is definitely to make sure that potential employers actually take notice. Therefore it is necessary to introduce oneself to a model agency to be included in their file. Most potential employers are working with such a model agency and will not get in touch directly with the models who are supposed to be booked for the respective campaign. The model agency, however, is used to being responsible for making contact between employers on the one side and the model on the other side. One good chance to make sure that potential employers take notice even at the beginning of a career is to take part in a test shooting which is sometimes also known as a tryout shooting.

Statistically, it is definitely proven that the chances to get a booking for a job is much bigger after such a test shooting than without such a tryout shooting. Therefore, taking part in such a shooting is very important and most often the basis for the model job that is to be awarded. Test shootings are not organised by all but by quite a lot of employers because they do not want to rely solely on the selection of an agency but rather get their own picture about which models could be a good fit for the upcoming job. After the test shooting has taken place, the employers will decide directly or some days later about which one of the models could be selected for the campaign. Regarding the structure and the general mood, a test shooting can be compared to an interview which ‘regular‘ employees might have when applying for a new job. During a test shooting, it may happen that the potential employer will not only have photos taken but would also like to interview the applicants briefly, making it even more similar to a job interview.

Many employers use test shootings after they have had a look in the agency's file to get to know potential models. Looking at the numbers, it may be that the agency has 200 models on file. After looking at their comp cards, the client will then choose ten of these 200 models who can take part in the test shooting. From these ten models, three may be chosen for the actual job. Regarding the time necessary for a test shooting it cannot be compared to a real shooting that will take place at a later stage for the actual job. The test shooting will quite often only take about ten minutes as there are photos being taken of many models of whom only a few will be selected for the actual job and take part in the real shooting. On an international stage, test shootings are very unusual when it comes to a certain level as the advantages and capabilities of internationally recognised models are well-known anyway. Therefore there is no need for test photos.