Finding out contact addresses for professional model agencies

Especially after a decision to start a model career, it is vitally important to make some contacts. There is almost no other business in which contacts with potential clients are as important as in the model business. In most cases, contacts to potential employers are not made directly though, rather they are made through a model agency. Therefore, it is one of the first tasks of every aspiring model to get into the files of as many agencies as possible. As there are a lot of agencies of this kind it is relatively easy to find the different providers. However, it is important to conduct a pre-selection because there are some agencies which provide a rather shady service or which can only offer contacts to very few employers.

If you are searching for a good agency on the internet, you should be aware of some relevant criteria for the search. Especially when it is about an international model career the agencies should have an established reputation and be well-known and well-regarded. Larger companies will very rarely rely on small and less-known agencies, instead they will work with larger agencies that are sometimes even known worldwide. The first contact with the respective agency will usually be via phone after one has sent an online application. It is very important that one can state some relevant information about oneself while also including some photos in the application. Quite often, the agency will provide feedback very quickly, saying whether they think it is possible to include the new model in their file. If that is the case, the second step will be a personal contact, usually an interview during which more photos may also be made.

Even though most international top models have made their first contacts with larger clients usually through an agency, there is always the possibility to get in directly in contact to potential clients or at least try to establish a contact. More often than not, it will only work when at least one of two requirements is met. One of these requirements is that the contact is established through friends, i.e. through a mutual contact. After such a recommendation, there is often no need for a time-consuming application including a casting and much more. Another possibility is to convince the client with a certain look or other distinctive features. That, however, is very hard to do and will rarely happen.