Model agencies, model casting and model jobs for boys

Today, there is not only demand for young women as models but also for young men and even boys are in demand. One of the reasons is that boys are girls are becoming more and more important as consumers. Some companies even search for boys as models who can then be part of ads and commercials for kids fashion or toys. If you look at an international model career, however, boys are definitely a minority. There are only very few male models at a young age who have become famous as an international model. However, the areas they can work in have become quite versatile. Boys are booked for fashion catalogues (young fashion for boys), but also for campaigns in areas such as food, fashion, toys, music or sweets and confectionery or for certain TV commercials.

Boys as models are not only in demand for catalogues and photos, there are also regular TV commercials with girls or boys starring in them. Most of the time, these are models so that they can make some money even at a very early age. As these models are usualy between five and 15 years old, the parents have to take care of all legal and contractual obligations. Therefore, it is important to have the support of parents without whom neither girls nor boys have a chance to start an international model career at an early age. Many children models, including boys, it does not matter whether the boy is overweight or very thing because the respective employer is usually searching for a certain type which may well be a boy who is a bit overweight.

The most important characteristic may be the look but there are much less standards than for grown-up models, both male and female. For boys as children models it is more important to be interesting and have some special features. Obviously, some employers from the fashion industry and other businesses have certain requirements for boys, e.g. that they should have a certain size. Basically, it can be said that the chances to start an international career and to make money are almost equal for boys and girls today. When it comes to salaries, boys as models can make up to 50 euros per hour even though there are differences between different employers and jobs. These differences are also there when it comes to the length of a specific job. For boys it is also important that they are not allowed to be on the set for ten hours and more like grown-up models. Usually, a casting or a shooting will only last between one and three hours.