Using professional photo shootings in model studios

High-quality photos that actually leave an impression are necessary for every model, no matter whether he or she is aiming at a career on a national or at an international stage. Photos that will later be used in the comp card of the respective model should definitely reflect the look and the distinctive features of the model in question. Many employers will base their decision about using a certain model for a campaign on the comp card or rather on the photos included. If the photos look like they have been made by an amateur, it will mean that the model is not included in the pre-selection of any employer. Therefore, the model cannot be booked for the respective job. If a model is getting almost no bookings at all, the agency can even refrain from keeping him or her on file.

Professional photos are therefore extremely important and should be taken in a professional photo studio. These professional studios are usually owned and operated by photographers with a lot of experience, especially when it comes to taking pictures of models. It is relatively easy to find one of these studios on the internet as pretty much every modern studio has a website or another presence on the web. Apart from the search that is made easier by the internet, it is relatively easy to compare different studios, including the price that will have to be paid for a photo shooting. However, it is not only prices that are vastly different for different studios but also the quality, even though it is hard to compare on first glance. One should find the balance between a price that is not too high and photos that still represent good quality.

Depending on the kind of photos that are to be taken and the prices per hour, a price between 50 and 100 euros per hour should usually be calculated. If somebody is looking towards an international model career and wants to have photos taken by a star photographer, prices will be much higher though, going up to a hundreds of euros per hour. Even though it is not easy to distinguish a professional studio at first glance, there are a few indicators pointing to professionalism. Moreover, there are usually not only ten or 20 photos but rather more than 100 so that many good photos can be taken later on. Another indicator for professionalism is a stylist or a make-up artist who may be present. Different clothes will also be available quite often so that the model can present himself or herself in various styles during the shooting.