Requirements for a model application with a casting agency

The application at a model agency is usually a very open and umcomplicated process. Almost every model who is interested can introduce himself or herself at an agency, either in a personal interview or by sending an application form, usually on the internet. The application is another area in international model castings where models who already made a name for themselves sometimes even get a call from the agency, making an official application unnecessary. For most models, especially for beginners, this step in the formal application absolutely necessary though and can therefore not be avoided. Applying with an agency is usually possible throughout the year as model castings take place on an ongoing basis.

For the application some things should be observed to make the process of applying with a model agency as successful as possible. An important basis for a successful application are professional photos. There should definitely be no applications with home-made photos, especially when it comes to international work. Instead, one has to spend a couple of hundred or even more than 1000 euros to have the photos made by a professional photographer. Ideally, this photographer is also well-known around models and agencies. The photos one sends with an application should represent a picture as broad as possible. It should not only be portrait pictures but also full-body shots and various positions and situations, something the photographer should already know and think about himself. Photos made by a professional photographer are therefore the first costs incurred at the start of an international model career.

For an international model career it is also important that the photos are as recent as possible. One should not apply with photos older than a year. An application with an agency is usually free of charge. Only when the model is taken into the file, regular fees (annual fees) or one-time fees for becoming part of the agency's file apply. There are usually no fees for the model to receive a job as the customer deals directly with the agency which in turn pays the model fee. Other costs usually include a regular update of photos and comp card, something that is regulated by most agencies if models want to continue to be part of their file.